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What Others Are Saying

Bud Roberts, owner, Reece & Nichols Real Estate, Kansas City, Kansas:
“Murrel and Carol were helpful in designing a newspaper insert for the grand opening of our new office. It attracted many people and was also helpful in attracting sales agents.”

Betty Hodges-Iancu, former co-owner of Kleidascoops Ice Cream Store, Kansas City, Kansas:
“Murrel Bland developed a comprehensive marketing plan that we followed closely. It was very helpful at a critical transition time in our business.”

Jim Baker, owner of Speedway Muffler and Brake and J-Force Racing, Kansas City, Kansas:
“MCB Consulting showed us how to integrate promotional efforts of our two businesses. Murrel Bland was helpful in getting race car sponsors.”

Don Scaro, owner, Benefits Design Group, Merriam, Kansas:
“Murrel Bland met with our staff several times and developed a comprehensive marketing program. This included a logo, a new brochure and other marketing strategies.”

Leon Logan, Certified Public Accountant, Shawnee, Kansas:
“MCB took our ideas and designed a brochure that reflected what our accounting firm does— help our clients make sound financial decisions and increase their net worth.”


Cindy Cash, President and Chief Executive Officer, Kansas City, Kansas, Area Chamber
of Commerce, P.O. Box 17-1337, Kansas City, Kansas 66117, Telephone: 913-371-3070

Jay W. Endress, Lawyer, former publisher and co-owner of the Zionsville (Indiana), Times-Sentinel and owner of Sun-Prairie Press,
P.O. Box 145, Serena, Illinois 60549,
Telephone: 815-496-9001

Tonda F. Rush, President and Chief Executive Officer, Kansas Colloquies newspaper group, Kansas City, Kansas; Lawyer and media consultant; President and Chief Executive Officer, American Press Works, P.O. Box 50301, Arlington, Virginia 22205,
Telephone: 703-812-8989